I am all about minimalism. Having said that, I have somehow amassed a huge following of lipsticks and lip-glosses. The logical conclusion is that either some of these lippies found their way to my house or those that I actually spent money on had a buy-one-get three promotion attached to the purchase (If this is not the case, then I am single handedly responsible for an improved scoring on our GDP with respect to my selfless unrelenting contribution to beauty product sales!). We also have my sister to blame for this-I am yet to see dry lips on this woman! (#tyringtokeepup)

How and where do you store all these lipsticks?

I love-love-love storage solutions (and anything really) that is visually attractive. Iā€™m also a stickler for absolute uncompromised order. My solution around storage for lip moisturizers/balm/gloss combines both. If you are not big on organizing stuff (or just plain run out of time) this solution will still work for you. Thing is the next time you need to reach for your nude, matte, hot red, creamy, sheer, long-lasting, no smudge lipstick I promise it will be a cinch.
As far as unwarranted advice goes-here is mine. Tone down on the lipstick hauls. No one needs fifty shades of red lip stain. Keep it at the bare essentials- your wallet will thank you and naturally you will have less junk that you need to organize.
Below is a photo journal guide on a possible artsy take on taming your lippies (this would work really well with your makeup brushes as well!). As always, I would like your thoughts on possible makeup storage ideas.

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Creative Lipstick Organisation

Lipstick-Storage-Makeup Bag Sideview

::Re-purposed Lipstick Jar::
Glass Jar with locking lid, got this one from Nakumatt-you could try any local supermarket should Nakumatt no longer carry this item.

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