I am learning a lot about myself (and others) since I started taking photos for this blog. I seem to elicit basket loads of unwarranted comments and strange looks most times I’m outdoors doing photography. Truth? It has taken some steely grace to keep at it and It’s moments when I get images like these featured on the post that ….aaahhh , it’s all so worth it!

The setting for this post is possibly one of the most underrated destinations in Kenya-Kericho. This destination effortlessly directed the entire shoot with its explicit beauty.

This outfit is an easy assembly-because it is a one piece (dress it up in heels or throw on sandals for a casual feel)

I love how the beaded white statement Maasai earrings (that I quite literally charmed off a Maasai lady’s ears) complement the look. The shoes did not initially come with the ankle black band (I had to add this to tame my foot as it kept slipping off the shoe – not at all cute!)

At the end I thought the greatest accessory for this shoot was Kericho (who would have thought?)





Shoe-Shot Nitazame

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