(Shorty in) Short Shorts

I have hated the quality of the images on this blog so much I stopped telling folks I run one. I mean I look at the pictures and literally cringe! Seems this is about to change, the lens I used to take these shots? THE TRUTH!!!! I am obsessed with the quality of photography here-the … Continue Reading

Felted Grey Jumpsuit (Two Ways)

I’m suffering from a serious bout of creative block today. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and I have been staring at this blank space for the last couple of hours. The one thing that is very clear in my mind is that I want to share my outfit of the day with you. Below is both … Continue Reading

Camouflaged Holidays

I have always had Camo’ envy, as such-I  was super stoked when this pants happened to me. I was invited to a farm house over the holidays and guess what I brought along? (Knowing full well they would fit in anywhere) and true to form they were so at home there. Activities for the day … Continue Reading

Fashion No No?

So a friend recently got married, know that “fashion no no?” the one that dictates only the bride should wear white on her wedding? well, she eyeballed that little rule-created by some faceless fashionista-then made me (her only brides maid) wear white. I am pleased to report the earth’s bottom did not fall off. My … Continue Reading

Ball Cap Casual


Refashion 1: Small Tweaks-Classy Looks

Admission: I bought this Poncho from a supermarket. Yes, yes….insert collective sigh here! The Poncho initially came with this dreadful plastic pink buttons In an effort to redeem myself, I attempt to lend the poor poncho some character.  I have had these wooden buttons for centuries (funny-I always figured I would use them on a … Continue Reading

Tame your Lippies

I am all about minimalism. Having said that, I have somehow amassed a huge following of lipsticks and lip-glosses. The logical conclusion is that either some of these lippies found their way to my house or those that I actually spent money on had a buy-one-get three promotion attached to the purchase (If this is … Continue Reading

Peach Perfect

I am learning a lot about myself (and others) since I started taking photos for this blog. I seem to elicit basket loads of unwarranted comments and strange looks most times I’m outdoors doing photography. Truth? It has taken some steely grace to keep at it and It’s moments when I get images like these … Continue Reading

Labeling DIY

I’m a huge fan of inspired packaging-I’m the one constantly mindlessly drooling over the fancy packaging for some s*** I don’t have any use for.  I’ll buy baby oil I don’t need or a lotion I won’t ever use. If I have a choice between two products-I am definitely buying the one with the fancier … Continue Reading