I’m a huge fan of inspired packaging-I’m the one constantly mindlessly drooling over the fancy packaging for some s*** I don’t have any use for.  I’ll buy baby oil I don’t need or a lotion I won’t ever use.

If I have a choice between two products-I am definitely buying the one with the fancier packaging! You get the drift-yes?

Why the wasted spend? I get to repurpose the packaging once I pour out whatever is in it. Down side is, over time (because I remove the original labelling) I cannot remember what the re-purposed package is now carrying. Solution? DIY labelling.

My take on re-purposing and labelling will possibly inspire you to get round to re-using your favourite packaging to –I don’t know carry your gym shower gel, easily accessible baby oil and all that pleases your heart.

Happy labelling…

From the mind of a genius








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