The high-low: My sister got married in November 2015. She would have to be the antithesis of a Bridezilla-bless her heart-I somehow managed to convince her to have her gown done in Kenya. (A bit of background, she was getting married in South Africa and only saw her gown a few days to her wedding). I had this highlow dress done along with her gown, In hindsight-the hemline was taken too high so the dress is a tard short (explains the stockings). I love the flared cut -works to conceal my 4 month baby bump 🙂

The Gentleman: Everyone -meet Jabari, hands down the happiest human you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  I had to incorporate him into this post because I wanted him sprinkling sunshine all over it. We (my sister-visiting at the time & I)rouse him early so we wrap up the photoshoot in the morning and get on with the day. The hiccup? you can see he is still sleepy in most shots -only managed to get his chirpy self through in exactly one shot having relegated him back to the car.His outfit is absolutely gorgeous-what? bow tie, proper shirt, suspenders and a hat? I LOVED LOVED IT!

The Mustangs: I was introduced to this incredible pair of shoes personifying quality, style, comfort and my personal favourite-a bargain by my shoe guy (I mentioned him before on this post). Full disclosure-this shoes had me at Mustang-didn’t know we have Mustang shoes and now that I have this pair *whistles*







The bubbliest couple of humans

{High low dress: custom made by Angelsmile | Nephew & Niece: one of a kind | Jabari’s Outfit: here | Shoes: my shoe guy (he unfortunately doesn’t have any web presence -yet}



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