So a friend recently got married, know that “fashion no no?” the one that dictates only the bride should wear white on her wedding? well, she eyeballed that little rule-created by some faceless fashionista-then made me (her only brides maid) wear white. I am pleased to report the earth’s bottom did not fall off.

My inspiration for this look is largely drawn from Pinterest (go figure!). I I opt to go for a frothy white tulle skirt paired with a white lace one shoulder top (I figured it would be easy to wear these as individual pieces even after the wedding).

I need to state for the record that both pieces were put together by a local tailor. I simply showed her images (yes, they were several!) of tulle skirts I really loved. She sketched the top (and I evidently loved it).

The fabric for this look are:-

  • Tulle (the size would of course depend on how puffy you want your skirt),
  • Lace and
  • Satin for lining both the Tulle fabric and Lace

I am thinking of either dying the Tulle skirt at some later stage (one to see how creative I get with color) or having it hand painted with oil based/acrylic paint (Yikes right?)

If you are considering having your bridesmaids do white below is a list of my top proposals

  • Mismatched long white dresses (if you have more than one bridesmaid)
  • short white dresses paired with converse sneakers (My absolute favourite)
  • Long tulle skirt paired with a delicate lace cami’
  • Empire waist long/short dress (I would consider embellishing this with a tribal/african print)
  • My take on the all white outfit as featured on this entry
  • Please share your pictures with me (social media). I’d love to see how we are all creating trends!

This photo journal shows my take on the all-white outfit. Hit or miss?
















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Hit !!!!! 🙂


A total HIT!I love it 🙂


This was more than I had in mind. You were stunning. Hearts*

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