A Personal Efficiency Guide: Taming Your To-do-list

Let’s begin by setting the context for this piece- I have been struggling with this blog’s content. This space started off as a creative outlet for me to document my styling preferences and let my mind run unbridled. I am however coming to the realization that I don’t necessarily have the inclination to talk about … Continue Reading


I was recently passed over for an opportunity I was absolutely primed for. My reaction? I was F*** pissed! The motivation being that I poured my heart into everything that was needed to earn a place at this table and still came up empty and because I didn’t see this coming. Am I not a … Continue Reading


This blog post was meant to be a detailed breakdown of why I chose to wear white shorts on a cold rainy Kericho day. I’ve had a change of heart after several incidences with mental illness as a subject matter over the past week; I came across a Humans of NewYork article detailing a mom’s … Continue Reading

21 Questions (The Illusionist Edition)

Inspiring, perfection, divine, jealous! these are some of the thoughts going through my mind as I scan through images on the gram. What lengths do users go to- to get that shot making us go gaga? We perch on restaurant tables, pause awkwardly in public, trip over ourselves, ignore company over meals to get that … Continue Reading

The Flirty Off-Shoulder Dress

I have made peace with the fact that I am not entirely good at rambling on as expected on blog posts, I will therefore keep my posts short & sweet starting with this guide on pairing your Off-Shoulder dress, here we go… It’s called a harness, I am obsessed with them -my preference would be … Continue Reading

Distressed Sweater Weather Cozy

I ran into this textured, long, distressed, mustard yellow sweater on Instagram (link here). I opt to pair the sweater with khaki green bottoms-I love how the two colors complement each other. The tan heels are both comfy and hardy just what is needed for the rainy & bleak rural weather. A comfortable long sleeve … Continue Reading

My Take on The Biker Chic Look

I get home this evening all bent out of shape-nasty nasty day at work. I am in bad need of a pick me up (being pregnant alcoholic treats are unfortunately not an option) this shoot is my attempt to purge the day’s nastiness.The shoot is inspired by regular contact with bikes. This is so effortless … Continue Reading

High-Low, Mustangs & a Gentleman

The high-low: My sister got married in November 2015. She would have to be the antithesis of a Bridezilla-bless her heart-I somehow managed to convince her to have her gown done in Kenya. (A bit of background, she was getting married in South Africa and only saw her gown a few days to her wedding). … Continue Reading

The Bralette Bug

That overly lacy bra that is ‘accidentally’ exposed or a bra teeming with so much cuteness that you just have to let it sneak a peek from underneath your outfit…..this is my version of what a bralette is. So, until the beginning of this year I admittedly had no idea what a bralette was. I’d … Continue Reading